We Are Medics was founded on 18th March 2020, in the same week that the school closures and exam cancellations due to COVID-19 were announced. A group of Birmingham medical students who already worked to widen access to medicine chose to use Instagram livestreams to replace their cancelled outreach events.

The Instagram account grew exponentially, as did the resources we provide. We Are Medics now provides dedicated support and guidance for young people navigating the medicine and dentistry application processes. This free provision of support is designed to level the playing field for applicants to medicine and dentistry, two ultra-competitive degrees.

We Are Medics have produced six free eBooks which have been downloaded more than 50,000 times, with 1 in 3 UCAT test-takers in 2020 using our eBook to prepare. Additionally, thousands of young people have joined our livestreams: our 7-hour interview crash course has over 18,000 views. More than 6,000 aspiring medics access our website for application support each month.

Today, We Are Medics is working towards becoming a registered charity to sustainably support young people in their applications to medicine and dentistry.