We Are Medics is a nonprofit organisation run by medical student and junior doctor volunteers. This means that all donations received will be completely reinvested into our platforms and resources for aspiring medics.

We are seeking funding to improve the quality and quantity of our current resources. Specifically, we would like to invest in:

A podcast for aspiring medics to provide advice on the application process and an insight into life as a medical student and doctor. The costs involved in this include microphones and a podcast hosting service.

Our website to streamline all our content and resources, with inclusion of an online mock interview feature. The costs involved in this include a domain name and website hosting services.

Youtube Livestreams which offer greater functionality than our our current livestreams on Instagram, such as screen sharing and more than two speakers. Broadcasting multiple speakers live to YouTube, while screen sharing, requires additional premium software.

Additional services to allow us to manage our social media on return to full-time placements. These include paid-for graphic design apps and social media post scheduling services.