By: Karishma Dewitt

Hi again aspiring dentists (& medics)!! Hope you all have had a great summer and have taken some time to rest & reset ready for the next academic year.

Today I’ll be taking a bit about what YOU can be doing this month in the lead up to your UCAS application submissions in mid-October, time flies when you’re having fun (for those of you not entering year 13, this will still be a helpful read, so don’t worry!).

Let’s dive into what to expect this September…personal statements, UCAT/BMAT, submitting your UCAS applications and starting Year 13 (a.k.a the “Big 4”).  Rest assured this will all be over soon and then you can redirect your focus back to your A-Level studies.

So when it comes to the “Big 4” it’s important to remember that each as has a “time limit/deadline” assigned to them & tasks often expand according to the time you give them (e.g. give yourself 1 week vs 1 month to write your personal statement & it’ll probably take that long to get done).

The trick therefore is to organise yourself and prioritise these tasks based on their external deadlines:


  • Some of you may have done this over summer & already gotten your results (for UCAT at least), excellent because it means you have one less thing to worry about.
  • If you haven’t please see our FREE UCAT Ebook for further tips & tricks including recommended times for revision etc. Anywhere from 2-4 weeks of focused revision is what people usually quote.

2.  NEXT…Personal Statement

  • This may seem like a never ending essay, however it can be fun! It’s a chance to celebrate yourself and tell universities why you deserve to be part of the next generation of dentists/doctors…give yourself a pat on the back you’ve all come a long way.
  • Catch our FREE Instagram Live and be sure to check out our FREE personal statement Ebook for further tips.
  • Breaking down your statement planning into: intro, academic life, work experience, volunteering/hobbies, outro may help.

3.  UCAS

  • Deadline 15 October 2021 (but please CHECK on the UCAS website for exact details)
  • You’ll have done 1) the application components (be sure to check you’ve entered all your details correctly), 2) the personal statement (check the version you have entered into UCAS  is the correct one), 3) your relevant admissions tests, and 4) selected your 5 university & course choices.
  • Good news hopefully awaits you! And the plus side is this will all be wrapped up by the time your year 13 properly kicks off (give yourself a treat to celebrate this)

4.  Starting Year 13: Things to focus on as a year 13 now Uni applications are done and dusted

  • Your A-Levels! Take each day at a time and focus on the 3-4 subjects you have, try to stay on top of work as best YOU can, don’t worry if this “organisation” looks different from your peers, you’re almost there.
  • Taking regular breaks to avoid burn out…spend time with you family, friends & on yourself (self-care is never ever selfish).
  • As offers and interview periods roll up try to flick through potential questions/relevant hot topics with your friends/family (this does not need to be full force revision)
  • Keep calm, this year may seem like a lot is happening all at once, but one day you’ll look back and realise just how exciting it all was.

Good Luck!