These Instagram accounts have a lot of insightful thoughts about dentistry:

  • @iwanttobeadentist  is a dental Instagram account with some free opportunities. Make sure to check the eligibility criteria and have a look at the link their bio!
  • @drraabihamaan is an excellent Dentistry Account run by Dr Raabiha Maan, UK based General Dentist. There is a wealth of free videos in her highlights section and IGTV that provide exceptional insight into various aspects of the Dental World. Dr Raabiha runs a series called “20 topics” aimed at professionals and students where she speaks to experts within the world of dentistry. In a time when work experience can be scarce, being able to FREEly watch her insightful videos makes a huge difference and really clarifies how unique the dental world really is. As a current student her videos definitely help me day-to-day.
  • @smileshadowers is a dental Instagram account run for and by predental students at UCLA. It  provides an excellent opportunity to virtually shadow various dental specialists on a global platform giving you well rounded insight into the breadth of opportunities to grow, connect and learn within dentistry.

Some more resources:

  • The BDJ (British Dental Journal) have lots of fun articles
  • Our FREE Dentistry eBook and Blog Posts here.